Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a G-D Shame.

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been wrestling with an ethical dilemma and how I want to phrase my thoughts without sounding like a PETA hypnotized, granola munching, hemp-raising hippy. That being said, I eat a mostly vegan diet, recycle, turn the faucet off, buy organic, shun non-cotton underies, despise sulfates, and make all natural bath and body products as a hobby. Patchouli should be wafting behind me in a perfumed curtain of Aquarian goodness and sunflowers should sprout in my foot prints as sparrows braid my hair. Did I mention I have an herb garden?

I don't think animals are people, although my dog might disagree with me as he watches television next to me with eerily human intent. I do believe they have the right to a life filled with as much freedom and dignity as possible, even if they end up on the dinner table, or are incubating the possible cure for breast cancer. There are, in my opinion, justifiable reasons for animal testing. AIDS, Leukemia, and MS are but a few of these reasons. Thumper can take one for all the kids suffering at Saint Jude's. Don't get me wrong--those animals suffer and live an extremely shitastic existence, it sucks, and if there is any possible alternative for testing it should be taken. End of story.

I don't think that in the year 2010 Thumper should be getting mascara and lipstick shoved in his adorable little eye. My plumping lip gloss doesn't need to be forcefed to rats to make sure it's safe. Cosmetic companies shouldn't be putting crap in my mascara that they think might be that effing questionable. This isn't even a question for me.

To be honest, I didn't even think this was an issue anymore. It's 2010, wasn't there supposed to be a flying car by now? Haven't we moved beyond such asshatery? Well, these cosmetic giants haven't:

Johnson & Johnson
Sally Hansen

This only names a few. More information can be found here.

Neutragena doesn't test on animals, but its parent company, Johnson & Johnson does. So the drugstore brands we have left are:

Physician's Formula

These are the brands you will be seeing featured from now on. Hopefully, this will expand. I will also be supporting Neutragena's decision to stop animal testing. As a consumer, my purchases can also be meaningful and just.

Let's face it. This sucks. No more Lashblast. No more Voluminous. Get with the program cosmetic giants! I want to buy your shit. I want to be sucked in by the young starlet in your ridiculous marketing campaigns. I desperately want to purchase your sulfate-free shampoos that infer Sawyer from LOST will take me again and again in a polar bear cage while Jack watches.

Stop poisoning bunnies so we can be BFF's again.