Tuesday, May 18, 2010

REVIEW: Sally Beauty Supply Hair One Cleansing Conditioner

I've noticed a trend lately, I only blog about stuff I'm in love with. This is no different. I bought the knock-off of Chaz Dean's Wen Hair Care System for a fraction of the cost at Sally's. I chose the Aloe and Cucumber Hair One formula for normal hair. IT IS AMAZING.

Here's what Sally has to say about their freaking great product:

Sulfate Free

All natural approach to hair care

No damaging detergents or harsh chemicals

Formulated with natural herbs and oils

Cleans with an astringent and antibacterial properties

Introducing Hair One ... a salon quality product that provides a new all natural approach to hair care and hair detox that leaves hair cleansed, conditioned and in optimum shape. This conditioner has no damaging detergents or harsh chemicals. It's made with an elixir of natural herbs and oils that clean with astringent and antibacterial properties through a luxurious, penetrating cream without the stripping of detergents. Hair is left with remarkable shine, moisture, manageability and polish. With continued use, Hair One Cleanser Conditioner will stimulate the scalp, promoting better blood circulation, allowing for healthier hair growth and prevention of hair loss.

Sally isn't telling a fib here kids. My hair has more body, bounce, and shine and I have eliminated the use of my conditioner, leave-in, shine serum, and mousse. I just blow dry and throw some styling paste in. It's miraculous. If this product were a man, he would look like Timothy Olyphant, put the toilet seat down, encourage you to have seconds (maybe even thirds) and taste like chocolate.



  1. So I'm on my way to the party store - to do my part to support child labor - and I notice a Sally in the strip. That's right - the same strip as the Old Country Buffet: where Jesus held the Last Supper... or would if he could. So I stop in and grab a bottle, already imagining my own personal hairgasm. When I read the instructions I couldn't believe all the steps and waiting in between the steps! Who's got that kind of time? I don't think I spent that long picking out a college! Just how long does the foreplay take before I, too, can enjoy the party on my head?

  2. It takes like 5 minutes. Slow your roll. It's far less complicated than the directions make it. They want you to think it's super fancy. You wet your hair, rinse it for a bit, throw the goo on, splash some water on it and rub it in. Clean the rest of your self. By that time, it will be ready. Rinse it and you are good to go.

  3. I discovered this product today. I am a stylist, so I decided to use it on myself before I use it on clients. OMG! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! My hair is so shiny, manageable, and healthy looking. I'm going to use this on my clients. I love it.

  4. I just tried the version with Argan oil, and BEWARE. I hated it. It made me tres sad. It smells amazing, but it wasn't the product for me.