Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Revlon Foundation Round-Up: Fantastic or Fail?

Hola Chicas,

CVS had a bogo sale on some Revlon foundations and I could not resist the temptation to purchase the 2 that had been twinkling in my eye for some time now: SPA Age Defying Foundation and Colorstay Mineral Mousse Makeup.

SPA Age Defying Foundation in FAIL. 

Colorstay Mineral Mousse Foundation in INFINITE SADNESS.

I wish I had better news for you girlfriends, but the facts are in. DO NOT BUY. Revlon has such amazing products (Colorstay with Soft Flex, Just Bitten Lipstains, Colorstay LipSheers...) that I was floored at how crazy bad these were. Someone was drinking too many Mike's Harder Lemonades when they were cookin' up these formulas.

SPA Age Defying Foundation

-Dewy finish
-Lot's of product

-WTF is with the unsanitary, needless-streak-causing-funky-brush applicator? You have to use tools to pull this thing off. I'm She Hulk and I can't rip it off. SHENANIGANS!
-This is not true to color. It's actually far lighter than the tube and that's saying something coming from this snowflake.
-It's not really any kind of coverage. I've used tinted moisturizers with more bang.

This might be good mixed into something too heavy for you, or as a color corrector for something too dark. On it's own. Meh.

Colorstay Mineral Mousse Foundation

-It was a nice try

-Wack coverage, can get clumpy, settle into fine lines and pores
-Not true to color
 -Color doesn't stay

If you are like me, the glowing picture of Halle B. sucked you into to this purchase. It was a sad mistake, as I will never be a beautiful Oscar-winning screen actress famous for humping Billy Bob like she really meant it and being absurdly hot. Smearing this on your face makes you look more like Crazy Aunt Dot, with the crepe paper skin, neon pink lipstick and haphazardly smeared brow pencil. It will also make you smell like her--the faint scent of Gold Bond, cats, and musty Danielle Steele novels.

Stick with Colorstay ladies. Get your ass in gear Revlon.

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