Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cheap Thrill

wet n wild gets a bad rap, partly because they are cheap, partly because they do not believe in capitalization. Almost everyone I know has used wet n wild, particularly as a teen, or for cheap Halloween makeup. I have turned to the brand recently because it's so freakin' cheap, and they are cruelty-free, which is one of my musts. 

Their powder eyeshadows are amazing. Silky, long lasting, easily blendable, equal to expensive brands. My new fav is the Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio in "Sweet as Candy."

It doesn't look impressive in the pic above, but this stuff rocks. A subtle sheen of pearly color looks great on almost every skin tone (sorry olive ladies, this particular trio is not for you, but there are several others to choose from). All for around $3.00. Ridiculous. Go buy 2. 


  1. I really want to get some of those! :)

  2. As an olive toned lady, I am glad you recommended I not wear it! :P

    I also noticed that W/W carries organic mineral pressed blush for about 4 dollars, with a cruelty free, recycled (and recyclable) container :D

  3. WNW is really bringing it. I also love their eyebrow wax. LOVE.

    If I was darker, I would try their mineral foundation.

  4. I love WnW eyeshadows, I think they're actually really awesome value for the price! :)

  5. Ha, I completely agree with you. Super cheap and the colors are actually really good. Thanks for the post!


  6. I soooo want to try these! Hey Please follow me on my new beauty blog: