Thursday, March 10, 2011

One of The Best Foundations (For Me)

I've found it. One of my favorite foundations (so far). Everyday Minerals is pretty rad. Drug store price, free sample packs,a huge color and formula selection, amazing brushes, and fast service have won this hardened make up bitch over. There are 4 different bases, ranging from the dewy, glittery "Original Glo" formula to the formula of my choice, "Intensive."

I also love the heck outta there marketing and branding. Adorable.
The Sample Base Kits are amazeballs. You get 5 free samples of the base formula of your choice, ranging in color from Ivory to Mocha. You can order one free kit each time you make an order, additional samples per order are around $5.00. You get quite a bit of product in each sample, and if you are a mineral makeup fan, this is the way to go.

The also carry some of the best (and cruelty-free) makeup brushes I have ever used. Ever. Soft, silky, and effortless application. No more itchy face, or "scrubbing" to apply your makeup. Truly Glorious.

In short, great price, great product, and worth throwing your hard earned cash on.

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