Monday, November 16, 2009

review: ALMAY bright eyes liner/highlighter duo

ALMAY is usually a safe-bet for affordable goodness (with the exception of Pure Blends which I will review later). I have been lusting after the bright eyes liner/highlighter combo since it hit the shelves. Since I I had some cash in my pocket, and I may have been a little drunk, I finally picked one up.

The Good:
  • Nice size. Larger than average pencil makes it easy to hold and gives you lots o' product for your dollar.
  • Nice texture. Creamy and rich feeling, glides on for easy application.
  • The highlighter end is amazing. I'm rocking it on my lower waterline, inside corners of my eyes and under my eyebrow arch as I type. I look AWAKE and that is a total lie. I woke up looking like a backwoods zombie. 
The Bad:
  • The eyeliner end goes on well initially, but isn't super long lasting.
The Ugly:
  • I'd recommend this product for a cheap alternative to BeneFit's "Bright Eyes" liner. It serves the same purpose for less than half the price. I'm not as in love with the traditional eyeliner. It's meh.

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