Thursday, February 11, 2010

REVIEW: Generic Value Products

Sally Beauty carries a line of knock-off styling products called Generic Value Products. For a mere fraction of the cost your usual bottle of Paul Mitchell or Biolage stylers, you can get two or three GVP's. Which is awesome. They even have knock-off Chi's. This is more of a confirmation that Sally's is a portal to a heavenly dimension, where everyone's hair is shiny, their eyebrows waxed, and their nails neatly manicured.

I love Matrix's Biolage Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioning Balm. It smells great, feels great and works great. It's also damn expensive. GVP's version is all of the above, without the pricetag, so a frugalista can luxuriate in nice suds, and still have a little green in her wallet. Awesome deals, awesome products.

My next flat iron and blow dryer will be GVP's. Maybe even bright pink ones. If I'm feelin' saucy.

PS Natalie Wood--When are we gonna stop and get some coffee?


  1. Soon! Maybe during your lunch break? Beck's has good coffee :)

    If it helps the readers of this blog, I also just tried a new Suave shampoo (which I usually stay away from), and it contains a rosemary-mint scent that is supposed to be similar to Aveda- It's wonderful! :)

  2. Oh, thank Frogs you posted this. The only shampoo and conditioner my curly hair will take is Biolage's Ultra-Hydrating, but that stuff was draining the ol' bank account something awful. I'll head to Sally on my next day off and let *them* drain the ol' bank account instead.

    By the by, I don't know if you've ever tried it, but L'Oreal's True Match makeup *in the compact* is fantfreakintastic. Just buy a shade darker than you'd think you would need, as it goes on very, very light (fellow milk-skinned maid here).