Friday, March 19, 2010

Here's Your Once Chance Fancy Don't Let Me Down

I tried using a fancy-pants foundation from Stila. I placed all my hopes and dreams in this fancy little bottle that promised a one-step process to skin perfection. Putting down a decent chunk of change for this, I felt so sure that I would be transformed into a velvety-skinned goddess.

It was not to be. My skin turned into a red, flakey, mess. I looked like I was jonesing for a rock, but really I'm allergic to something in the product. I've passed the product on to one of my dear friends and blog commenter SGY. We will see if she has better luck with the stuff.

On a happier note, Physician's Formula was on sale at CVS and I picked up the Mineral Wear Correcting Concealer Trio. It's amazing. Corrective colors are hard for pale folk to wear, but when used with a light hand and paired with the Mineral Wear Powder foundation, it's magical. My skin is even and glowing despite my alcohol intake last night.

So my lessons learned:

  • I'm not a fancy gal. I don't need fancy make-up (nor does it need me apparently).
  • Sometimes sticking with what you know isn't boring, it's practical.
  • Physician's Formula keeps delivering. I love that brand almost as much as I love CVS.

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