Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rediscovering Old Friends

Do you ever pick up a product that you used ages ago and kick yourself for quitting it? I had that experience with Noxema. I haven't used it in years.

Yes. Noxema. Don't hate ladies. This minty, cold cream-ish, goo was a staple of my teen years. I had better skin then than I do now, and use of this product (in conjunction with good ol' St. Ive's Apricot Scrub) is probably why. AND IT'S CHEAP!  You can't get much better than that. Unless it came with chocolate, booze, or Matthew McConaughey. Or if it vibrated.

I also got a coupon for CoverGirl Clean Make-Up and thought I would get super retro (circa '99) and try it out. It was almost free, so couldn't be that bad right?

Wrong. I should have used that 4 bucks to save the whales (and before you freak, I totally do contribute to ASPCA and other funds so back off PETA-breath). If you are going with a CoverGirl line, stick with Trublend. It isn't tragic like its older sister.

Have you guys used something again and had an epiphany that it was totally awesome?




    I used to steal this from my mom, and for a while was my go-to. After I left for the not-as-good CVS alternative, I immediately went back! Likewise for the aforementioned Apricot Scrub from St.Ive's (so cheap!)

    Recently I discovered that Dove uses animal products- ugh! Bygones? Guess I'll have to keep checkin' up on it...

    *Burt's Bees is still good...especially the pomegranate! :)


    I'm wearing it right now. I have a tube in my purse, in the bathroom, and at work.

  3. Carmex. There. I said it.
    It's so thick on my lips right now I may wake to find the stain on my pillow smiling back at me. After a dehydrating, demoralizing day, I long for the comforting sting of unnatural chemicals. F-that fruity bee poop.

  4. OMG. You are hopeless. The salicylic acid in Carmex keeps burning the top layer of skin off your lips, creating an addiction to the stuff that is causing the chapping!

    You might as well light up a crack rock. That chaps your lips too.