Monday, December 6, 2010

REVIEW: BeneFit Products that Rock My World

It's time to unveil some of the products that are contributing to my new-found hotness. let's start from the base up:

1. BeneFit's You Rebel Lite SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer

Note that I, of course, have to use the specially made, corpse colored version of a perennial favorite, but at least they make it, unlike countless other brands. This is a great, blendable, buildable tinted moisturizer. It is yellow-toned, so instead of looking pink or Snooki orange, this calms redness and leaves a fresh, more even complexion. And it's oil free. You also get a ton of product (a little goes a loooooonnnnggg way) so this will last even with daily application. If this product was a person, it would be Anne Hathaway. A pale, intelligent beauty that stands out amongst all the botoxed, tanned, shriveled Hollywood whores. Truly lovely.

2. After applying You Rebel Lite, I move on to my newest bestest friend: BeneFit's The Porefessional
This stuff is freaking wonderful. I have huge pores in between my eyebrows, and along the sides of nose. my cheeks are even starting to join the giant nasty pore parade. It's awful, disheartening and makes me die inside a little when I see them, winking at me with their huge, greasy vastness in the mirror, mocking me.

The Porefessional is like a pore assassin. it helps temporarily fill in the pits created by pores, stop their incessant oil leaking, and create a smoother, softer, oil free canvas for you to base the rest of your look on. This knocked my proverbial socks off ladies. If I was given the choice of no more The Porefessional and a night of endless pleasure with Brad Pitt a la Legends of the Fall, I would send young, long-tressed, Adoniis-bodied, virile Bradley packing. This goo is that amazing. You know how your make-up settles into fine lines and your pores after a while (or in my greasy case, after 20 minutes)? This slows that process down, and for less oil prone gals, stops your make-up from sliding into your nooks and crannies. Heart.

3. BeneFit's Boi-ing Concealer
 Remember my love of Erase Paste? My introduction to Boi-ing makes that fondness seem like a school girl's crush. this is a bit dryer of a formula, which works much better on my skin. A little dab'll do ya, and you can mix it with a touch of The Porefessional for a silky, light touch concealer and primer in one step. I just knocked your ass to the ground with that I know. It's what I use around my eyes when I don't have deep, dark circles. When I do have straight up purple bags, I use Boi-ing Straight up. It conceals without being heavy or gross, or caking into fine lines.

There is more to come Dear Internet, but this is it for now.




  1. Still sticking with the animal friendly high end stuff?

  2. Doing both. I'll be posting about some drug store finds as soon as I get done testing them.

    I've found that many of Revlon's products are on par with those you find in Sephora and at beauty counters. The only things I've noticed that stand out for more money are mascaras, primers, bronzers, and cream eyeshadows.You can pretty much go to Walgreen's for everything else.

    I'm that cynical yes.