Monday, December 21, 2009

My Make-Up Routine

It might seem like I spend a really long time on my everyday make-up. Not so. My work make-up takes 7-10 minutes each day. I don't mess around. Here's what my everyday routine looks like:

  1.  Shower
  2. Throw on SPF moisturizer and primer
  3. Blow-Dry
  4. Conceal
    1. I conceal under my eyes, on my red-ass chin, and around my nose if I need it.
  5. Smear on foundation if I need it
    1. I start on and around my nose and move outward. I don't need it all over, and you probably don't either. Radiate it from problem areas and blend thoroughly. I like my finger or a foundation brush. Sponges soak up your product, so you use more while applying.
  6. Blush it up
    1. I swirl cream blush in the apples of my cheeks. 
  7. Sweep on eyeshadow and liner
    1. I use an E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow in Natural (light, coppery tone) applied with a brush. Then I use the Almay brighteyes white liner on the inside corners of my eyes and the lower waterline. Instant awake look. If my eyelashes are looking sparse, I rub in some brown eyeliner into the top lash line between the lashes, not above. 
  8. Highlight if I need it/Powder the t-zone
    1. Highlighter is what makes celebrities pop and people in the know look better than they should. I sweep a bit of a golden cream formula (E.L.F. Shimmer Palette) on my cheekbones. Again this fakes a good night's sleep, and gives you a healthy, not glittery, glow.
    2. I only apply a dusting of powder on my nose, and forehead. Sometimes I hit my chin too if I sense an oil-slick coming on.Too much powder gives you dead, lifeless skin IMO.
  9. Curl Eyelashes/Mascara
    1. Curling my eyelashes changed my life. I have straight eyelashes that angle down. Popping those babies up made my eyes look 8 times bigger. Do it. If I, a rugby-playing former tomboy can embrace this practice, you can too.
  10. Lips
    1. I use a sheer lipstick, balm, or gloss. 

Having good staples makes your routine easier (and makes your look last longer). I also have everything organized, so I don't have to rummage for anything. It's always in the same predictable place. Also having a daily go-to routine makes you better and faster at applying your make-up.



  1. As I continue to purge my talc-infested products, thanks to your sage advice, I feel hesitant to dump my fave Revlon 12 hr eyeshadow. So tell me something to help me hate it: can talc contribute to my sometimes dry-scratchy-burny eyes , or shall I continue to blame my kids for this?
    My children's future depends on your answer.
    PS The rest of my talc-free face sincerely thanks you.

  2. I have another blog request. As a woman who grew up with a mother who didn't wear makeup at all I have had to learn by trying things out. One thing I never learned how to do was pick out a good foundation for myself. Can you write a how to blog for me?