Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SGY Query

SGY writes:

"As I continue to purge my talc-infested products, thanks to your sage advice, I feel hesitant to dump my fave Revlon 12 hr eyeshadow. So tell me something to help me hate it: can talc contribute to my sometimes dry-scratchy-burny eyes , or shall I continue to blame my kids for this?
My children's future depends on your answer.
PS The rest of my talc-free face sincerely thanks you"

It's true. Revlon eyeshadow is awesome--unless you have a talc sensitivity. Finding an eyeshadow without talc is a pretty difficult task. Talc is everywhere, and is usually one of the top 2 ingredients in powders and shadows. I of course hussled us over to CVS (aka God's Country) to find a solution.

We found a few options:

Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast (Review to follow later).
L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Rich Color Cream Crayon
Almay Intense I-Color Powder Shadow (Only the new line. The originals still contain talc, so read your labels).
Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadow
Physician's Formula Organic Wear Eyeshadow Duo (Mineral Wear Shadow is also talc-free, but isn't always widely available. It wasn't at our CVS).

Revlon also makes a talc-free shadow, but the product isn't on their website so it might be limited-time only. Just read the labels ladies. Also, if a product doesn't list the ingredients, stay away from it.You have the right to know what is going on YOUR EYES. They aren't only a window to your soul, but a membrane that allows pathogens and other debris access to that hot body of yours. 

Mica can also be an irritant to some, so if you are having issues do some "tests" to determine what the irritant really is. Another possible irritant is the age of your eyeshadow. It could be laden with bacteria and other irritants after months and months of use. I recommend 12-18 months as the throwing out point for shadows and eyeliners.

Alternatively, you can just blame your children, which I think is also a valid reason for itching, burning, and rage.


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