Thursday, December 10, 2009

REVIEW: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty

I love that this shit is inspired by Carmindy. Whatever Sally Hansen Natural Beauty. Carmindy is hot though,and this line is paraben free, like department store brands so I had to try it. I've also really come into my own with my winter pallor, and my beloved Physician's formula is too dark for me now--they don't carry a color called "Caucasian Corpse" so I'm outta luck there.

I got the following items:

Luminizing Face Primer
Your Skin Makeup Foundation in Ecru Beige

Sheerest Cream Blush in Beaming
Truly Translucent Powder in Neutralizer
Luminous Matte Pressed Powder in Light

Let's describe my skin issues first, so you know where I'm coming from. I'm pale with combination skin and redness around my nose. My t-zone oil could be used as a form of alternative fuel, while my cheek and chin can be flaky. In other words, I'm a hot mess. On to the reviews.

Luminizing Face Primer
This is great on the dry areas of my face. It helps calm and smooth the bumpy, flaky bits, and imparts a gentle shimmer. Not so great on the greasy bits, but I forgive it for the way it preps the other areas. A great first experience for primer virgins.

The bottle is crap though. It squirts product out all over if you don't watch it. Nas-tay.

Your Skin Makeup Foundation
I LOVE THIS. I'm more of a tinted moisturizer gal, but sometimes you need to step it up. This is pale without being pink, and has a lovely neutralizing yellow tone. It also comes in a color lighter than the one I purchased, so get on with yo fair self. Not much here for the dark-skinned diva though. The color range currently stops at a mid-deep tone. So boo on them for that.

The product comes in a pump (a working one unlike the primer) and you only need half a pump for a thorough yet natural-looking application. Without prepping (aka exfoliating, moisturizing, priming) this will settle into flakes and faults. However, you should be doing those things anyway. Make-up isn't magic ladies. You need to help your products out.

This is my new go to, and I would purchase it again.

Sheerest Cream Blush 
Another new go to. Sheer application with a natural flush of color. Totally beautiful. I like a cream blush in the winter so my cheeks don't look parched and dried out by Chicago winters (aka totally brutal, bastard, in-your-face, sub-zero weather). Rosy without being clown-like, which often happens to white bitches like me.  Go buy some now. You will be amazed at how fresh your look is with just this one product change.

NOTE: Do not use a cream blush over a powder or mineral foundation. Tragedy will ensue.

Truly Translucent Powder
When battling extra redness, I dust this across my nose and forehead, ever so lightly. Too much and I look yellow like the powder. Just a touch nixes shine and the reds in my tumultuous t-zone.

Medium-skinned ladies take the best to color-corrective products, so if you fall into that category and need some redness fighting assistance, get this.

NOTE: Rip out the nasty, useless sponge applicator in the lid and use a powder or kabuki brush instead.

Luminous Matte Pressed Powder
I grabbed this as a purse touch-up. So glad I did. Great compact with mirror and a great oil-absorbing, sheer product.

In Conclusion
This is over-all a great product line. It's comparable to more expensive brands and you look just as good. It's also available at the drugstore, so you can grab it when you run in for tampons and the latest In-Style mag.

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