Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review: E.L.F. Mineral Make-Up

I love E.L.F.  They have some fantastic beauty buys, many of which we will be delving into.

I was intrigued by their mineral make-up line. I read many of the reviews. My interest was piqued. So I purchased the following products when they had a sale:

Mineral Foundation
Mineral Concealer
Mineral Booster
Mineral Eyeshadow
Mineral Lipgloss

The Good:
  • The mineral eyeshadows and lipglosses are outstanding. The colors are a bit deceiving online, but the silky texture and sheer application are winners.  
  • In short, I love them. I have three of them and dream about owning each and everyone. I might even buy them their own bag. They are that awesome. Buy some.

When it comes to the foundation and friends, however, not so much.

I do have to admit something. I reflect light I am so pale. Right now, I still have a mild tan due to the fact that SPF 100,000 can't even protect me from earth's yellow sun. That makes me the color of your Great-Grandma Maggie who hasn't ventured outdoors since the Reagan administration. So, I am a challenging customer.

The Bad:

  • E.L.F. is one of the companies that equates being pale with being orange. When I applied the mineral foundation I looked like I had escaped from the Wonka Chocolate Factory.  I resembled Paris Hilton after a run-in with a bottle of Grey Goose and a can of spray tan. Oompa freakin' Loompa.
The Ugly: I think if you have medium to deep skin tones it might be a different story. When you are the color of paste, it fails. So, foundation fail. Eyeshadow and lip gloss win.



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