Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review: L'Oreal Color Gems

L'Oreal hair colors rank among my favorites. This  product is another winner. Here's what L'Oreal has to say about Color Gems:

Ammonia-Free Creme Demi-Permanent Haircolor

  • Deposit only, true-to-tone color with uniform, natural-looking color results and no visible root line!
  • Smoothing polymers and shine enhancing ingredients deliver flawless shine and superior conditioning
  • Multi-use haircolor can be used for: enhancing or enriching haircolor, blending gray, toning highlighted or pre-lightened hair, deepening dull permanent color or lowlighting
  • Clear Diamond Gloss shade adds extra shine without color deposit
  • 10-20 minute color processing
  • Available in 30 sparkling gem shades
In other words, it's gentle on your hair, can darken or tone your color, but not lighten, and adds a ton of shine.

This shit is amazing. Your hair becomes silky and shiny, and there is no lingering chemical smell. It's also blessedly cheap. The color and a bottle of developer (which has 2-4 applications in it) costs under $10.00. This does require a trip to Sally's. I'm an at home hair guru, so I have mixing bottles, brushes, and a box of gloves at home. These are necessary to measure the developer and mix the color. A brush also helps with clean and easy application, particularly around the hairline.

This product is demi-permanent, so you will get some wash out. Deal with it. You can dye it in a few weeks to maintain the rich, healthy color. I'm naturally dark blond, and I dye my hair a deep, golden brown with Color Gems.

If you have been going steady with Natural Instincts, Color Gems is the older more experienced brother that's always hangingaround that you'd like to try out. Go for it.



  1. I am really loving the blog! I would like to make requests for 2 entries. I have never found an eye liner that I like or works for me. I have to put eye drops in when I wear contacts so my eye liner always looks uneven or washes away. Any suggestions?
    Also, when I am on my period I break out like I am a 14 year old girl - any cover up products you like?

  2. Thanks Anna! I just finished a special lil blog entry just for you.

  3. how much developer/dye/anything else do you need to put in a bottle? (if your hair is about 8 or 9 inches longer than your shoulders) this is my first time dying my hair and i am too broke to go to a salon. also, what do i have to purchase besides this lovely little box of dye? i'm getting the dark red one